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Take a trip to the fairytale Island of Madeira

Madeira wine, breathtaking landscapes. millions of colourful flowers, the most welcoming people and the largest New Year fireworks show in the world. To get around the Island of Madeira and start enjoying your vacation and the wonderful nature here, you can book a Madeira sightseeing tour and explore all that the island has to offer.

This amazing island belonging to Portugal is the place where earthly paradise meets the stuff of fairy tales. The deep Laurisilva forests - part of the UNESCO World Heritage patrimony - grow near the extended sandy beaches. Located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, the island itself is at the top of a large shield volcano. Far enough from the main, yet linked by indestructible cultural links to Europe, Madeira provides a safe, secluded haven for its inhabitants, as well as for the millions of visitors that choose to escape from the stress, troubles or cold of home.

Beautiful Madeira

The island was colonized by the Portuguese as early as the 15th century. Finding a corner of heaven in this retreated, yet convenient realm, Henry the Navigator developed a network of canals (levadas) that cut through the dense Laurisilva and made settlement and agriculture possible in the area. Madeira soon became a leading exporter of wheat, spices and especially sugar. Later on, around the 17th century, the wine industry started developing, and today the trademark of Madeira is the sweet wine that bears its name.

Today, though linked to Portugal, Madeira is granted political autonomy, and the region region has its own legislative assembly and government.

Madeira is a top year-round tourist destination due to its warm climate, fascinating natural setting and rich history, and let`s not forget, for its gentle, kind people who will welcome you into their homes and let you catch a glimpse of what it is to "live in Paradise".

Madeira Transport options

Seen that the Island of Madeira is quite large (801 km2) and intensely populated, transport is an issue. To get from the continent to Madeira, airplanes are the option, and annually, thousands of people land at the Airport of Funchal (its capital city).

The most comfortable and convenient option from here is to employ a reliable and cheap Madeira airport transfers service, which can collect you from the airport and take you to your destination in Madeira quickly and stress-free.

If you wish to enjoy the independence of being behind the wheel of your own car and exploring all the wonders of Madeira, then you might like to look into the option of renting a car with Low Cost Madeira Car Hire at the lowest, all inclusive rates, with no deposit required.

This is Madeira. Welcome and enjoy your stay in Paradise!

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