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Half Day Madeira City Tour

The capital city of Madeira and one of the most important centers of Portugal, Funchal welcomes you with arms wide open to explore and admire all it has to offer. Funchal is an important port by the Atlantic Ocean, a place where tradition is entwined with modernity in a harmonious way to create a unique mix.

There`s an endless list of things to do in Funchal, from diving and surfing to swimming with the dolphins, taking long walks through the scented eucalypt forests in the mountains that surround the city or playing golf.

If you travel to the center of Funchal, you many admire the architecture, learn about Portuguese history and culture and witness the life of the island by visiting its numerous restaurants, taverns and clubs and joining in all the fun, or by simply watching people go by their usual business from a bench, in the park.

To get the best of Funchal, book a Half Day City Tour with Madeira`s most quality transfer service and prepare for the greatest experience!

Click here to book Half Day Madeira City Tour
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